Mar 27, 2008

Pulau Weh - Part II

Fishing boat landed on top of the house at Tsunami time.

the barge-borne generator station got carried into the city from offshore at tsunami time.

Santai Sumur Tiga, the place we stay.

Mar 26, 2008

Jelawang Waterfall - Kelantan

Jelawang Waterfall

Sunrise - Look like, feel like but not Mt KK

Last week , 2 groups went separate ways for holidays , one to mountain top and the other to ocean deep..

YeohSC, Aisin, Siok Leng, Siok Bee, Lee and Yap went to Pulau Weh, Acheh for diving trip, while i lead a group to hike Gng Beirut at Kelantan joining me were Chong, Yee Choi, Lai Kuan and few hikers..

Stories of the adventure will be posted soon....

Pixs of the Mountain top and Ocean deep posted..

possible ? watch video !!

This is a documentary about a boy (Ben Underwood) who has taught himself to use echo location to navigate around the world. Ben Underwood is blind, but has managed to do some truly extraordinary feats.

Mar 25, 2008

Pulau Weh - Part I

I had just came back from my Weh Island diving trip.
Here are some of the photos I took.

Is me...

Ai Sin - Showing her Lotus post

is me - at the wreck

Siok Bee and Siok Leng

is me...

Siok Bee - Showing her Superman post

Siok Leng

Siok Leng - Looking at the coral

Leon - "I'm OK"

Stone Fish

Freckled Porcupine Fish

Moray eel

Feather Star

Black Saddled Puffer fish

Feather Star

Nudi branch

See cucumber

Feather Star


Star fish

Honeycomp Moray eel

Honeycomp Moray eel

Sea fan

Lion Fish

Lion fish

More pictures will coming up soon...

Mar 17, 2008

Tapering week for KLIM '08

Yup... this weekend is the last week for tapering to KLIM '08, but most of us won't be around.

Siok B, Siok Leng, Yeoh, Lee and Yap will be off to Weh Island while me will be arriving from Dabong Kelantan at 7.10am as I be hiking Gng Beirut and Jelawang Waterfall on Mar 19 ie this wednesday.

At todate, Vivian belum beranak.. overdue by a week.... hmmm Eric very kancong lah...

The Orange run I have registered for most of you, its on April 13 at the curve.

RMAF run is back... be sure to take part as the starting point is from the runaway... and the route is very hilly.. good training for those taking part in the Sundown.

Hmmm how about PD half.. and is back... wow there's number of runs lah particularly every week after KLIM '08.

If u want to eat Klang Bak Kut Teh.. there's Klang Pacer run but its clash with Bidor...

Last but not least be happy ya...


Mar 11, 2008

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia or arch tendon of the foot. It is an over use injury causing heel pain which may radiate forward into the foot. Plantar fasciitis can also be know as a heel spur although they are not strictly the same. A heel spur is a bony growth that occurs at the attachment of the plantar fascia to the heel bone (calcaneus). A heel spur can occur (with repetitive pulling of the plantar fascia) on a foot with no symptoms at all and a painful heel can have no heel spur present

Hmmm have to ask Dr Ray, to simplified the above in a layman term ..
This injury is common to runners, so if u were to have it, get a golf ball and roll over it while you sitting down. Its works ...


Orange Run April 13 at the Curve

The Orange(BHP) run is back and its on April 13, 2008 at the curve. So guys if you want to to register, pls email me ya lastest by March 17th.

Last yr, the organiser gave backpack(polo) for those who finish the run, so this year no sure what it is, but there is a goody bag lah..

So this Sunday at Bkt Aman 6.30am, training for KLIM '08


Mar 10, 2008

Sports Massage

Some of you in the group may know that I took sports massage last year and got my certs already...

At the moment , I focus more to massage head, neck and shoulder and legs. For lady runner need me to massage, must have companion ya .. else kena khalwat hahahhaha

Sports Massage involve deep tissue so must tahan the sakit but not to worry, after the massage see Dr Ray, to get the ubat.

So comes this KLIM '08, those run 42km and need massage come see me. Only for the group FOC ya, outsider whom i tak tau kena bayar.. heheheh) pls see ..Contraindications for Sports Massage below.


Go to, you can view what type of injury you have, its really informative.

So what is Sports massage ?.. (extract from

Sports massage should play an important part in the life of any sportsman or woman whether they are injured or not. Massage has a number of benefits both physical, physiological and psychological.

Massage can :

Maintain the body generally in better condition.
Prevent injuries and loss of mobility.
Cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.
Boost performance.
Extend the overall life of your sporting career.
Contraindications for Sports Massage
such as below therefore should you have any .. suggest not to go for massage.
(Extract from
A body temperature over 100°F, or feeling unwell
Acute Traumas - Open wounds, recent bruising, muscle tears, sprained ligaments, contusions, chilblains, burns
Tumours - Where there is swelling, which is inconsistent with recent bruising
Diseased blood vessels - Varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis
Infectious skin disease - Bacterial infection, Lymphangitis, Fungal infection, Viral infections, Herpes
Where you react adversely to massage treatment
Where your symptoms appear to make advice from a doctor advisable
Diabetes - not strictly a contraindication but massage has the same effect as exercise on your blood sugar levels so you need to have appropriate medication available

Mar 5, 2008


Mohan and Me at SIM '07 doing the Pom Pom

Todate i have been running 6 marathons since started in 2004, however Mohan (from S'pore) last year he ran 14 marathons and this year he have completed 2 marathons ie Xiamen and Tokyo and will be running KLIM '08..

Wow.... really have to salute him lah.... imagine particulary every month he will run a marathon.

To Mohan.... what can i say ... its the passion that you have and dedication

Marathons - Mohan ran last year 2007
Std Chart Hong Kong Marathon
AM Bank KL Intl Marathon
C&D Xiamen Intl Marathon
Vienna City Marathon
Laguna Phuket Intl Marathon
Penang Bridge Marathon
Gold Coast Airport Marathon
ANA Beijing Intl Marathon
ING New York City Marathon
Std Chart Bangkok Marathon
Toray Cup Shanghai marathon
Std Chart Singapore Marathon
ING Taipei Marathon
MR25 Ultra Marathon - Singapore

Tahan92 comment :
" I must wow over his running attitude. Very unlike somelazy bums here. Very determine, dedicated. Wassurprised he would take the whole day to prepare foran evening run, eg, no heavy lunch, no tea or coffee,prepare cold drinks, etc.If he is going to run, it means going for a run. Notwait for the rain, wait for stomach upset.. sneak offto the toilet.."

Seow Ping comment :
Yeah I could not agree with you more about the dedication! Plus he is always so caring! Mo, you deserve the status!

Mar 3, 2008

Jelawang Waterfall Expedition - Mar 19 - 22

Gunung Stong State Park Adventure

The Stong State Park (formerly called Jelawang Jungle) gazeted as state park on October 2005 is listed among the top five unique ecotourism destinations in Malaysia and is situated on the fringes of Malaysia's massive Titiwangsa range. The mountainous backdrop there is made up of a chain of majestic peaks, waiting to be conquered - Gunung Ayam, Gunung Stong, Gunung Tera, Gunung Saji, Gunung Koh, Gunung Baha, Gunung Beirut, Gunung Che Tahir. (Gunung is the local word for mountain).
It covers an area of 21,962 hectares of land dotted with high peaks, dense forest, a variety of caves, rivers and waterfalls. Its thick jungle is home to elephants, tigers, bears, gibbons, hornbills and a range of other exotic wildlife, as well as a variety of flora and fauna including the world's largest flower, the rafflesia of the kerii meyer species, and the endemic long-sectioned bamboo, a type of herb - gesneriad (Didymocarpus calcareous) and a unique palm species (Licuala stongesis).One of the main attractions at the state park is Gunung Stong (1,422 meters), a dome-shaped granite complex more than 500 million years old. Here, the seven-tiered Stong Waterfalls, reputed to be the highest in Southeast Asia, drops from a height of about 495 meters above sea level.

March 19, I will be leading a group of 14 climbers to Jelawang Waterfalls, reputed to be the highest waterfall in SEA.

Will be camping for 2 nights at the peak of the waterfall as on Mar 21 will be hiking up to Gunung Beirut from there.

Chong, Chey, Yee Choy will be joining me together with my colleagues and some fellow hikers.
The journey will start on Mar 19, leaving by train(Night) at KL Sentral and arrive at Dabong early next morning.

Will start with visiting Gua Ikan ( Fish Cave) before heading to the waterfall...

more stories of the adventure will be posted soon....

KLIM '08

Hi All..

KLIM '08 is back and its on Mar 30th and below are the runners.

Ironlady Ong Siok Bee, Ong Siok Leng, Raymond Ng, Ngae

21 km
Maryann, Shih Ming, Yap, Lee, Heng, Vin Yeoh, Kelvin, Pathma, Kar Leong

Yeoh, Chiam, Edward Chiam, Lina, Paul, Tony Q

Dr Raymond Hee

So this sunday Mar 9th at Bukit Aman, Lake Gdn... 6am will start the 20km run to Hartamas, if you guys want to run extra 5km ... on the way back run round the lake..
C u there...

Pls. note there's circuit run at 7am organised by FTAAA, its the last leg of the training run for the KLIM '08.

Tony Q

Mar 1, 2008


IRONMAN Dr. Raymond Hee

Siok Bee at the finishing line
coming soon

Wei Kong at the finishing line

Eric at the finishing line

Heng at the finishing line