Feb 23, 2012

My Knee

First my right knee, misalignment.. and need to be align... saw doctor as to do physio.. hmmm so i decided to go for chiropractor to realign my knee.. still going on weekly basis...

then now my left knee,, got a slight tear at the ligament so been limping for the last 10days.. like a wounded horse hhehehehe..

Went to check at UMMC and Dr Pui San confirmed it a tear so need to RICE and rest before start again at a 50% pace.....

In meantime, will do coaching for the cyclist and runners... and sunday my kids at MPSJ stadium..

Today, Keith 11 yr old called me (whom i train at MPSJ for the last 8 months)  and shouted Coach, i won the 200m and 4 x 100m gold for the inter zone and been selected for the MSSS athletic meet... wah leh the joy of him saying thank u thank u...

So keith see u this sunday at the track for the next target ie to represent Selangor Schools...

Cycling at Ulu Langat

getting ready

pixs b4 ths start

break time at terkala

This sat. the grp will be meeting at Bt14 dewan for cycling to bt18 - ponsoon- perez - titi - back to hantu - bt 14..

This is part of the Kuantan 160km training. M will be the support crew on motorbike as my knee still not ok..... hope will recover in a week time so as can satrt back the training.

Dr Pui San check my knee and said slight tear at my knee ligament so need to do RICE..

Yup have to rest esle cannot cycle the kuantan 160km and also need to prepare for mt kk climb...

Feb 21, 2012

Pines Tree Hills

Up to the Pines Peak at Fraser's hills

Group pix before the hike..

2 weeks ago.. organised a hike to Pines Tree Hills.. weather was 15 celcius and just like Mesilau KK
took abt 7 hrs to complete the hike for the half of the climbers...
at the Peak Next training will be G Nuang...

Wild Boars at Fraser Hills

Feb 12, 2012

G. Nuang

As part of the Mt KK training for end April and mid May group..

Will organize 2 training sessions at G Nuang and tentatively will be on Feb 25th and Mid March.

Details will be posted soon.

Gng Murud is ON.. m now finalising the details and will only take 15 climbers to the highest mountain in Sarawak where it the 'Shangri La ' of Sarawak.

Andrew, the guide have got back to me with the cost and now finlaising the dates and the flight details...


PACM Running Clinic

Those keen to increase their speed endurance.,... do come and join the running clinic on

Tuesday and Thursday 6.15am at Kg Pandan Track and Sunday 6.15pm at MPSJ Stadium

The running clinic are conducted to improve your running technique and imrpove your speed endurance.

PACM Relay

Been busy week for me ,,,, this week.

Next week Feb 19 will the 4 x 3km relay run at Padang Merbok, total 104 teams will be taking part and m one of the volunteers for the race.

Collection of bibs will be on sat. from 11am till 5pm...

On Feb 18.. in the mornign will hike Saga later off to padanf merbok..

Last week did a 84km cycle with Nik, Agnes, Soo, Ah Fook and gang.....as part of training for the Kuantan 100miles cycling race on March 25.

This morning, Agnes, Ah Fook, Yee Tze, Ah Ming cycle to Janda Baik........ their comments 'cha lat' ... have to push at Janda Baik hills....

Feb 25th will probably hike G Nuang.. details will post soon..... and Mar 3rd at Tabur...

In meantime... busy training the runners for the PACM relay...


Feb 2, 2012

Pines Trail

This sat. leading group of  20 pax to Pines Tree Hills as part of the Mt KK training this coming April/May
Most of them are 1st timer...

Meeting point will be at Fraser's Hill clock tower 9am....

Been a busy Chinese New Year week....