Feb 26, 2014


This weekend I involved in the Mercy Malaysia Charity Run, where I am the Race Director for the event

Therefore no training this weekend, however Mar 8, 2014 , I will be at Gunung Nuang

Currently , doing physio on my elbow and next week to see Doc Rozman on the progress

Yesterday was at the gym, doing light workout as to maintain my fitness

Details on G Nuang, Apek / Saga Hills , FRIM will be posted soon

Feb 16, 2014

Gasing Hills

My elbow cast already removed and have to go for physio for elbow exercise as at the moment it 85 degrees and need to be 120 degrees so that i can wipe my face and also to eat ..

Have to do daily so that the angle can be increased

Next week Feb 22/23 = I will be at Gasing Hills , so if u keen to join , meet at the playground at 7.30am

At the moment using my left hand for all the chores ..

will be loading up the pixs of the OCBC episode .. hahah

March 8, 2013 - Gunung Nuang .. this is training for the Mt Kinabalu..

Feb 7, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai

M back ..

The staples and slab at my elbow have been removed..and will start to do exercise on the injured arm..

at the moment it swelling and no strength to carry any things.. imagine 3 weeks ago i can carry my bicycle ..

will go back to gym ...and hope to get back the strength and also the movement of the elbow..

Training for Mt Kinabalu will resume ..and also schedule for hiking..

In meantime keep healthy ..

KL Penguin3..

Pixs on OCBC will be posted ..