Dec 21, 2011

Mt KK 2012

Look like Mt KK again for 2012...

yup April 29 - May 2 and May 17 - 20...

leading grp of 31 and 33...

Training will start from now .. Dec 26th and Jan 2nd will be at Gasing and then Feb 4 will go hike G Nuang... will also incorporated TMBT training.

To day did my annual medical check up and also stress test to check on my jantung le...

last week I was coaching the kids and also Kenneth who is my protege weighing 110kgs been training with me for 8 months.. has set himslef a goal for 2012 ie to do SCSM 2012 (42.195km) and therefore to achieve his dreams i will be joining him for the run together with his dad.

Anyway those who wan to join the program for SCSM 42.195km  .. i be at MPSJ stadium every Sunday from 5.30pm but not this sunday as it Chirstmas...

Happy Holidays everyone..

Tony Q

                                          Wish for 2012 onwards... Knee OK ...

TMBT - 2012

TMBT - The Most Beautiful Things in Sabah is back for 2012 and it will on Sept 15/16 2012.

Registration is open, you can registered by logging at for early bird.

Agnes Yew already signed for the 50km and she was the champion for 25km trail run this year..

Rec'd a called from Ah Weng and asking me to join 100km with him, his wife, Jason, CH Leong, Yee Choi, Terence Poon, Kean Fatt and probably Raymond and i heard more will be joning.

Starting point will be from the foothill of Mt KK...

Cut off time for 100km is 30 hours which is doable however you must start training 6 months before the race day and pace yourself.

Those who keen, you can email me as i will be organising the transport from airport to the venue and 1 night accomodation at KK town.

Training and briefing of the race will be conducted and will try to arrange SAC director to drop by in KL to brief on the the race.

hmmm hope my knee will recover soon...

                                          Chong n Me - this year TMBT 50km


Hi Everyone




Dec 14, 2011

SCSM 2011

7hrs 02min 54 secs that the time i took to complete the S'pore 2011 Marathon. Total 20k registered runners but 15200 completed the race.

This year i accompanied Kar Mun, Agnes, Steven and Leslie as all of them wanted to do their 1st marathon, kudos to all of them completing ahead of me.

Months of training paid off and now they are looking even further as Leslie had already registered for te sundown whilst the rest are going to do the TMBT 50km trail run in Sabah next Sept 2012.

As for me, will rest for this month due to my knee, 'misalignment'.

This is due to the fall i had in last april.

As the end of the year approaching, it time to recuperate and look forward next year.

                                                                                                                                                                              Kar Mun, Leslie, Agnes and Steven - 1st 42.195km Finisher Medals

SCSM 2011

                                                             Human Traffic
                                                                    Energy Bar
                                         View of Marina Bay Sands and S'pore Flyer
                                                             Another 7.195km
                                                             Phew what are relief          

We did our 1st Marathon 

Dec 2, 2011

S'pore run

Will be in S'pore this weekend for 42km... leading 5 runners running their 1st ever marathon and also will accompany Mother Teresa who will be turning 70 years old this sunday...
hadrly any training since i got back from TMBT..
will post when back .. on sunday