Feb 27, 2013

Pines Trail - Fraser's Hills Mar 30, 2013

March 30, 2013 Leng and me will be organizing Pines Tree Hills - Fraser's Hills

Meeting point will be at KKB by 7:30am else meet at Fraser's town latest 8:45am as want to start before 9:30am

It's a day hike - Total time will be 6 - 8 hrs depend on individual fitness. This is a good training ground for Mt K, TMBT, Rijani as to experience the cool weather between 15 - 25 celcius.

The tresk is like Gasing hills trek but the terrain is challenging as need to climbover 5 hills to reach the peak

Interesting point abt pines trees hills is that teh starting and ending point is the same height 1,500 meters.

If you keen to join please email me.


Tony Q

Feb 20, 2013


 'Choy San Yeh' for CNY was dressed up for friend open hse ..

as last Christmas was Santa Claus heheh

GONG XI FA CAI everyone


Chap Goh Mei Hike - Feb 24th T2

This Sunday - Feb 24th - Cahp Goh Mei Hike - at Tabur 2 - Taman Melawati

Time 7:15am - Meet at BHP station.

Those who know the parking at the water pipes can meet me there

Attire : Wear Orange and bring Oranges

FRIM Trails

FRIM trails -

This sat. 7:15am i will be at Kepong Botanic Garden(KBG) to do the trails -

Will be doing the Tongkat Ali Trail, around the Steriod Hills then head to Pacat Trail and head to Pipeline trail to the lil pool.

Rest fore 10 mins and retrack the Pipeline Trail and join the Syabas Trail instead of Pacat Trail and join to the Mt Bike Trail and lead back KBG.

Those who want to hike further can take the Rover Trail and link to Dream Trail and Bkt Admana Trail


Feb 17, 2013


Hi All

Gong Xi Fa Cai and today it's the 8th day of CNY and for Hokkein it's a BIG day

anyway was at Bkt Kiara and met Lee, we discussed and will put signage for 10 - 12km marker
for TMBT training

THis coming Sat Feb 23rd will be at FRIM doing the Pacat Trail and Pipleline trail

and Sunday at Tabur 2 (Chap Goh Mei Hike)

On the Pines Trail will KIV in view of the GE13 probably end of March.

Leng is organising to G Lendang on March 10.

WIll posted details later

Feb 3, 2013

FRIM Pixs via Tmn Botanic Kepong

On Sat. lead the Mt KK grp for April and May 2013 for training at FRIM Kepong via Taman Botanic Kepong.

Feb 1, 2013


Feb 2, 2013 will at at FRIM via Taman Botanic Kepong at Taman Ehsan

This is area is another way of FRIM to the Steriod Hills

The group will be meeting at the park 7:30am and will hike abt 6 - 7km around Bukit Putus and Bukit Steroid

Bukit Putus is the Salem High Country where the area are covered with Pines Trees.

btw March 10, Leng will be leading group going to Gng Ledang Johor as for me i will in KL as PACM will be organising a trail run.

After Chinese New Year more hiking activities will be on..

Pines Tree Hills, Tabur 2 - Chap Goh Mei , Gng Nuang