Jun 27, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

Lets Joget together!

Jun 25, 2009

Gng Irau


Gng Irau hike due to the number of climbers and half of them are 1st timers... the trek will start at 9am

Meet after Simpang Pulai toll at 7am on July 4th... the rest area is on the left , will start to move at 7:15am.

To SCKLM runners.. all the best for the this marathon............

Jun 18, 2009

Gng Irau July 4th

Total 40 climbers will be joining for the climb, will be meeting at simpang pulai toll at 8am and head to brinchang.

Target to start the climb at 10am and expected to be back at the car park 5pm.

Will be staying at the Atrium apartment brinchang.

Checklist : Compulsory items - Windbreaker, raincoat, 3 liters of water, gloves, food, torchlight

Optional : Walking stick,

1st aid, i will bring.

Pls. email me ur fullname and ic 'cos need to inform the polis.


Gng Nuang July 18th

July 18th Gunung Nuang will be leading some climbers for the their preparation for Mt KK climb in August.

Will start at 7:30am from the car park at the park office. target to the 'false peak' but at least to camp pacat.

Total hrs : minimum 7hrs.

Checklist : Raincoat, water 3 liters, food, walking sticks (optional)

Those keen to join pls. email me and will forward the direction.

June 28th SCKLM

Its a week more to go.. all the runners are getting excited.. on the eve of the run will be having carbo loading and also farewell dinner for dr ray who will be leaving to HK the day after the SCKLM.

This week end will be in Fraser's tapering down.. and also probably hike Pines Tree Hills trek.

today at Kg Pdn 6am, Ray Ng, Dr Ray, Siok Bee, Michelle, Bobby, Carrie and Jenn came to the track and did some speed workout...

Bob having shin pain and was running 45mins on the grass so Jenn as she did her Phuket 42km last sunday.

Next tues and thurs will be farlek training on grass in view of the SCKLM.

So guys... mentally set for the 42km run next sunday....


Jun 15, 2009

Hiking Activites & Mt Kk Climbathon

July 4th confirmed Gng Irau, leading a group of 35ppl and half of them are 1st timers as this will be their training for Mt KK, Tibet hike and Mulu Pinnacles.

July 17th - probably Gng Nuang, after the hike will go for durians......

2 weeks to SCKLM

Another 13 days to the D Day.. and i have yet to cover 25km as most of my training are in the jungle... ie trail running on weekends and track workout on tuesday and thursday 'cos i be coaching some runners on that day.

6hrs is my target and look like it will be 7mins per km.....

this week end will be off to fraser hills and will do at leat 2 hrs running before tapering and get ready for the SCKLM.


Cuppy cakes Anyone

if u like to eat muffins and try the cupcakes, visit http://cuppycakers.blogspot.com/

it Aaron Quay's blog.

more details login ya.. i 'm doing marketing for him, u can order thru' me.

target next year , nyonya kuih , original recipe from Nyonya Yeo (my mom )

Jun 6, 2009

July Activites

There number of activities in July.

July 4th - I organising a hike to Gng Irau - it anniversary climb and also for the group who will be joining me for Mt KK in Sept.

July 11/12 - PD Triathlon - Siok Bee, Michelle, Lee, Ray Ng, Amanda, Kelvin ????, Bobby
July 12th - Olympic Run (Mac D) 7km at Dataran Merdeka - Pathma

July 19th - Century Ride by KRI - Bee, Michelle, Eric, Lee
- Kuantan PACM Run

July 25th - Shape Run at Putrajaya - limited to 4,000 runners.
July 26th - Half Iron Man - Putrajaya

So July weekend will be busy before month of Ramadan in Aug.

SCKLM - June 28, 2009

Met Jeffrey last friday at Lake Gdn as i was running for 2 hrs in preparation for the SCKLM 09.

He informed that the cut off time for the SC KL Marathon is 9 hours not 6hrs as he spoke to the organising chairman.

hmmm look like got buffer for me ahahhahahah nope targetting 5hrs 59min 59 secs with Chee Wee to complete the 41.195km

Jun 1, 2009

Bak Kut Teh Run & Malakoff Run

This coming weekend is the Klang NB21 km run (Bak Kut Teh) & Malakoff 26km run in Penang.

Tomatoman will be in Penang 'cos he's the exco member and have to be there to oversee the run, while the rest of the gang will be in Klang..

Bee, Michelle, San, Shih Ming, Kelvin will be running... as for me hmm probably bandit or Bkt Aman.

Its a month to SCKLM.


SCKLM Reg Closed

The registration for SCKLM is officially closed and total runners its about 13,000.

latest what i know ; 42km - 1,700 runners, 21km 2,500 runners, 10km - 5,000 and the rest could be fun run.

have to wait for the latest statistics..

Guys if u want to be a pacer for SCKLM , please contact Jason Thiang.

June 13th at Taman Bkt Jalil, the Bkt Jalil Running club together with Pacemakers is organising
a nite run. 7 laps round the 3.4km starting at 9pm.

Reg RM10 no finisher Gold trophy, if you want to get a gold trophy its RM25.


Olympic Run (Mac D) & Siemens

July 12th Olympic Run (Mac D) run 7km for all catergories, got free coca cola ... Dr Ray.. u miss lah ..

Reg fee Rm 10

Venue Dataran Merdeka

Time 7:30am

July 19th its the Siemen 10km run

Reg fee : RM10

Venue : Dataran Merdeka

Time : 7:30am

Ladies of THG.. got chance lah.. top 10 ada prize monies........


Shape Run at Putrajaya on July 25th

The Shape run will be held on July 25th and it will at Putrajaya.

Starting time 8pm at Palace of Justice.

Registration Fee : RM30 for all categories

Limited to 4,000 runners and Reg open on June 3rd at FTAAA

Online registration oso can but kena bayar RM2 service charge.

Men, Women, Junior Vet Men will run 11.5km

Women Vet and Senior Men Vet will run 7.5km

There will be a fun run 5km.

Reebok running Vest

So Register on June 3rd.