Apr 28, 2009

Larian Bomba May 10

Have registered Michelle, San & Shih Ming for the above run on May 10 today... I gatal oso lah..

T shirt and Bib No. will be given once u register and its RM15.

Since it will be part of my training for the KL Marathon, will run 10km 1st then join the race at 7:30am for another 10km...

Probably organise a 30km run on May 31 in view of the KLIM..


Mt KK via Ferrata April 29 - May 2

Tomorrow will be leaving 06:50am to KK, for the Mt KK via Ferrata, be back on Sat midnite..

The group met last sat at my place and all have been brief on the climb...

Wow,,, i couldn't imagine myself will be doing the 3.8km walk down on ropes, etc..pixs will be upload when i back...

till then..


Apr 24, 2009

Mt KK via Ferrata on April 29 - May 2

Just left 5 days to Mt KK and leading a group of 25 climbers for the via ferrata.

Will be leaving on Wednesday and the climb will be next day to Laban Rata, will be starting from Mesilau.

On May 1st, from Laban Rata will start at 1:30am in view of the via ferrata activities where the climbing down from Low's peak will be at 6:15am. In view number of climbers going to the peak,
leaving early is the best option so that there won't be human traffic jam as most of them will start from 2am.

All the climbers are excited esp wanted to do the via ferrata, details & pics will be posted when back from the climb


Mt KK Spet 27 -30, 2009

Ok , the dates are confirmed and I have book 12 places, todate 7 have confirmed and left 5 places.

The cost for 4D/3N is rm1,020 excl airfare. (7 meals provided, climbing fees, transportation, accomodation, porter fees ect) just bring urself there and all will be taken care.

so those who keen , email me at klpenguin3@gmail.com its will be my 14th climb as next wednesday will be leading a group of 25 climbers to mt kk doing the via ferrata.


Apr 19, 2009

Mt KK again

There been a request for me to organsie another trip to Mt KK, so it will be end of
Sept. 09.

Will confirmed the dates by this week. hmm look like I have to change my job lah...


Via Ferrata activities on may1st at Mt KK

May 1st , 24 climbers will be doing the via ferrata at Mt KK. Its the Low's Peak activities, where the climbers will be descending 3.8km walking on cables, down by ladders and also to cross the bridges looking down 1km gully.. wow just like cliff hanger...to Laban rata.
Apparently, Mt KK is the world highest ferrata at 3,800meters.

What is Via Ferrata ?

Its a moutain route which is equipped with fixed cables, , stemples, ladders and bridges.

Pixs on via Ferrata will be posted soon and more stories on this.


http://www.mountaintorq.com/ - to view the pixs

Apr 15, 2009

Mt KK via Ferrata - April 29 - May 2

In 2 weeks time, i leading a grp of 24 climbers to Mt KK and will do the via ferrata activities.

its my 1st time to do the via ferrata. will be climbing down from Low's Peak using ropes from 3.8km to Laban rata instead of walking back.

Will be walking on ropes and will be facing the wall as going down.. looking down will be 1km slope.. just like cliff hanger..

Who's coming for the trip, Yee Choi, Siok Bee, Ray Ng, Ray Hee, Michelle, Tang, Kenny, Debbie, Jez, John Lo, Gerard, Lee, Yap, Kelvin, Rani, Rose, Pei Ling, Yik Fai, Doris, Chantelle, Lynette, Bernard, Shih Min, San.

Looking at the grp... most of them are all runners .. will have a race there lah...

Details and pixs will be posted soon...

April 25th briefing on the climb and makan at my place

Apr 12, 2009

Gng Ansi Sat

Top pix.. from KC..

Brief the climbers before the hike on Gng Ansi Terrain - CW pix

about 40 climbers came for the Gng Ansi on Sat. Didn't know such a crowd.. anyway all of them reach the peak and in a record time .. started at 9am from the Park office and most of them reach the peak at 11:30am..

There's 2 ways going up to Gng Ansi, a) Ulu Bendul b) Lorry parking area.. 3km before Ulu Bendul.

Kelvin led a 15 of the climbers using the route to the main road.. and heard that most of them ran 3km to Ulu bendul..

Rm 5 entrance fee to climb Gng Ansi via Ulu Bendul.. but no receipt,,, if you ask them.. kita akan post pada U.. hmm ..

As usual , Kenny bawa anjing dia all the way to the peak.

This sat probably .. cheras or tabur hills...

Next climb.. Pines Tree Hills or Gng Nuang - in May after Mt Kk climb

Orange Run

Pixs from Frank Chong... :
Frank, Bob, Pathma, Mich, me, San, Bee, Shih Ming, Lynn..
Aiyoooo... tak mau lari lagi lah... that when Vin's crossed the finishing line... and ask me mana Heng.. hmmm .. he must with Dr Rum... jalan jalan... and cuci mata... then came Mei Leng..... oso..aiyooo jugak..

Shih Ming came in 3rd in the Women Category whilst Siok Bee.. 14th as for San she got 2nd and Chantelle & Yee Hua both from S'pore came in 11 & 12 th respectively..

Tomatoman did his training today instead of running he cycled... and after the 1st loop when he reach the at curve after 11km.. tyre puncture... so guna Bobby bicycle......

Total 3,300 runners took part.. and hmmm as usual before the start Shih Ming & Vin...shouted..

'Tony... got ladies lah in the men line up as the men start 1st followed by the ladies then schoolchidren..."

Aiyooo .. have to take the loud hailer and cakap lah...

after the run.. the group went to DU for DimSum....


NB. Shih Ming, Vin.. sudah inform THG vice president to include both of you as volunteer for the NB 15km

Apr 10, 2009

Orange Run April 12, Curve

Sunday April 12, 2009 at the curve will be the orange run organise by BHP. Total 3,300 runners will be taking part and watch out for Vivian as she will be pushing JR in the pram for the 11km run..

Hmmm will she run.. and Mavis will tag along with her...

Eric.. all geared up for the run... hmmm below 50mins as he been out of action more than a yr.. probably secret training..

Tomatoman & me will be the volunteers ....

Shih Ming & San all pysched up for the run as both of them decided not to join for the ansi climb

These ladies will have good chance to be in top 15.... Siok Bee, Shih Ming, San, Michelle...

while the guys have to kau kau lari ..hmm probably looking at SYTs..


Gunung Ansi - April 11, 2009

About 30 hikers will be joining me tomorrow for the Gng Ansi hike.

Will meet at Senanwang Toll at 7.30am before heading to Ulu Bendul on the way to Kuala Pilah.

Md Nur & Kelvin will be meeting at Ulu Bendul as they are staying at seremban...

It been more than a yr didn't hike to Ansi.. and heard that the local authorities have widen the road.

The hike will take abt 7hrs return, with the current raining spell, it could be later.....

KC and gand will also be joining as part of their Nepal training... as for the gang who joining me for Mt KK end of this mth are Kelvin, Lee, Yap, Kenny, Debbie, Mich, Tang, Rose.

Tomatoman got a job to do in view of the orange run on sunday.


Apr 5, 2009

Lojing - Kelantan

busy cooking lunch

H20fall on the way to Gng Yong Yap...
probably Ayat (fren still missing at Gng Yong Yap) could
have divert to H20fall to take water and then mistrack.
There number of rivers to cross on the way to Gng Yong Yap
Spider at Lojing
Rainbows at Lojing...Kelantan

Tomato Man

THG check this out...

Ray Ng aka Tomatoman is the committee member for PACM for year 2009, so if u guys want to keje and get things done... call him...

This morning... our dear fren kena keje lah while we are having b'fast... look like Ray... we have to shift the breaky time from 9.30am after u habis keje...

NEw balance run... pls. note if u register now its will be late entry ya...

KLSCM training will commence after the Orange Run so those newbies want to join pls. take note Bkt Aman 6:30am.

I not sure whether PACM will do 30km practice run.. if not then THG will do one......will discuss further with the President who busy at the moment.... since he back from Seoul... hmm wonder Y lah...



It been a week i unable to access to the net... when called the services provider... was shocked to informed that someone been using my line... wow... immediately change password... aiyoo like that my bill for april.. will shoot up...

Anyway.. April 11, Gng Ansi trekking, if you guys are keen meet at :-

Senanwang Toll - 7.30am
7.45am will leave to Ulu Bendul
8:30am will start the hike.
Total hrs : 6 - 7hrs

Things to bring : Raincoat (Compulsory) Torch Light (Compulsory), Food & Water.
Extra clothes to change after the hike.

Next day is the Orange Run at the curve. 11km. btw registration closed total participants 3,300.

Pacesetters is the technical Support for the run, so Ray Ng & me will be the marshal together with Ann lam.