Jan 24, 2011

Cycling on Jan 29

This saturday (Jan 29) will be cycling with Nik starting from Bt14 - Bkt Hantu - Perez - Terkala - Bkt Hantu - Bt 14 .. total abt 60km..

Meet at the Dewan next to the Bt 14 Mosque at 7am.
Nik informed she tak mau tolak..... hope John won't 'sleep' on the road if he's coming..
btw guys makan 'ayam percik' at terkala before balik....

Sow Kong Hike Tabur 2- Jan 30

This Sunday.. Sow Kong Hike to Tabur 2
Will be having 'Loh Sang' at the peakand don't miss 3 in 1 coffee by Jenny Yong (finally)
Meet at the water pipe 7.30am if you are coming

Twin Peaks - Fraser Hills

Group Pixs before start the hike
Iphone compass .. hmm need
this for the 60km trail run on April at Tambunan Sabah

Brief Ray and Mich on the trail

Briefing the team.. if u 'hilang' cari jalan balik sendiri hehehhehe

Jan 20, 2011

SCKLIM Training

Looking for Petrol station at
Bkt Hantu

Bt 14 to Bkt Hantu Ulu Langat - pix by Ray Ng

This Sunday at Bkt Aman, 6am will be taking some runners to run double hills as part of the SCKLIM training in view of them signing 42km...

Also there's FTAAA cross country at Lake Garden.

Btw those keen on track training, i be at MPSJ stadium every sunday 5.30pm to 6.30pm
else every Tuesday n Thursday at Kg Pandan Track 6.30am


Sabah Adventure Challenge - apr 22 - 24, 2011 - 60KM trail Run

Lai Kuan, Yip and me confirmed for the SAC on April 21 - 24, 2011
Met Yip this morning while cycling anbd commented hmm how to read topographic .. hmm told him just follow the crowd .....

Stupe also joining for the SAC but he go for adventure 120km (60km bike n 60km run) will meet him on the 2nd day evening.

Look like all system go, Stupe informed there's some good trails in surronding KL good for training and therefore he will organise to lead the group.

This morning, Stupe, Ray Ng, Michelle Looi, John Tan, Yip, Nik, Soo, Selon was with me for cycling from Bt 14 - Bkt Hantu - Peras - Bt 18 - Bt14 .. as orginally wanted to ride back to terkala - bkt hantu - bt 14....

That's will be the next week ride. It was a challenging climb as half way bkt hantu, john stop and slept on the road as he was sleepy... i thot he felled and unconscious but saw him, he was relaxing and want to have 40 winks as its was cooling and misty.

The weather was nice and not many cyclist today...

This sat will lead a group to Saga Hills in preparation for the Mt KK climb in April whilst Chong is leading the BU's group to Gng Bunga Buah.


Jan 17, 2011

Sabah Adventure Challenge - apr 22 - 24, 2011

Sabah Adventure Challenge log in www.sabahadventurechallenge.com to view more details of the race.
Limited places and if you keen please contact Race Director Avtar Singh
I will be taking part in the SAC and it will my 1st time running the Borneo jungle covering 60km in two days and 4 days later i will leading a group of 16 to their 1st Mt Kk climb...
Lai Kuan, Yip will probably join me and Soo Lan and Nurul is pondering.
As my team members 'Don't Play Play ' in the eco challenge last year are keen to join. So those who keen, you can log into the website and view the FAQ.
Will check on the flight details and let the team member to book.
60 km in two days in the Sabah Borneo Forest, therefore in the next 3 months will start training for this race.
Many thanks to Avtar for his invitation to SAC..

Jan 16, 2011

Twin Peak Fraser's - Finally

After 5 years leading group to Pines Trees Hills .. finally i reach the twin peak...hahhaa
as all my climbs i was the sweeper, however last sat. all the climbers have been to the trail before therefore it was a relax hike and took 3 hrs to reach the twin peak..

It was a wet, slippery and muddy climb and remind me of Gng Irau.. It was misty and didn't rain bit the trail was wet due to raining the last few days...

Pixs will be posted soon... This coming sat will take the April Mt KK group to Saga Hills Waterfall..

Details of the climb will be posted.

Jan 11, 2011

Gunung Bunga Buah - Rescheduled

The hike to Gunung Bunga BUah on Jan 20 have been rescheduled as been informed by Chong,
This weekend will be at Frasers Hills to doing the Pine Tree Hills trail and target to reach twin peak.
Will be leaving KL on Friday evening and the hike will be on Sat morning. Todate 10 climbers confirmed.

Jan 4, 2011

Children Camp at Sg Lepo Ulu Langat

Pixs from Leng
On Dec 4 - 6, 2010, 18 children together with 7 volunteers camp at Sg Lepo Campsite Ulu Langat. The main coordinator was Mdm Wong.
This the 1st time the children going for camping and stayed in the tent.

Email from Mdm Wong

Dear parents and all,

After weeks of preparation and anticipation, the outdoor camp finally got under way . It was a great success and the children enjoyed it thoroughly.

18 participants signed up for the camp; out of which 7 were non-members. Many of the Youth Club members could not attend because it coincided with their own holiday plans.

Except for one or two kids, many of them have not been to an outdoor camp before. So it was more like a discovery trip for them. On the day they arrived, Sifu planned some charade games for them. These games act as ice-breakers and help in their bonding. In the evening, the kids all helped out to get the BBQ ready. They had chicken wings, hotdogs, sweet corn, potatoes, capati and curry for dinner. With such a sumptious spread, the children soon had their fill and they quickly headed to the nearby steam for a dip in the cool clear water.

After breakfast on the 2nd day Tony put the children through some warm-up exercises. Then off they trooped into the jungle for a hike. Many of the children have never been into a tropical rain forest before. The undergrowth is thick, the air is humid and the ground is slippery. They had to cross streams; clamber over fallen tree trunks and suffer the bites of leeches. Some came back with grazed knees and sore bums but high spirits. These children are more resilient than we think! In the evening, Sifu taught them how to cook rice and vegetables using a mess tin. Many of them ended up with half-cooked rice; at least this is an improvement compared to their first attempt. During the indoor camp in June, all of hem burnt their rice. I think that with one more try, they would be able to cook perfect rice.

The children spent the night playing board games, congkak and UNO. Some girls pestered Sifu for some ghost stories. Sifu gave us a chilling account of his own experience. Very soon, nobody was interested in board games anymore and everybody was listening with rapt attention to Sifu. That night, the wind seemed colder than usual; or was it the presence of the unseen? I think the girls would now think twice before asking Sifu to tell ghost stories!

Throughout our 3 days with these kids, Sifu and I noticed that some children are very helpful and independent. Some are born leaders. But there some who are shirkers, some are pampered too much and some have very poor survival skills. With a few more camps, Sifu hopes to nurture them to be more independent and resourceful. In fact those kids who have been with us for the past few months have become more responsible and are given leadership roles.

Last but not least, would like to express our appreciation and thanks to Tony, Ms Leng, Hong, Jassy, Pk Si,Tan and Kuan for helping out with the kids. Without them, we could not have run the camp successfully. With 18 boisterous and hungry kids, Sifu and I would find it hard indeed to keep them in line. Tony and Ms Leng even took leave on Monday (7th Dec) to finalize the packing up.

Sifu will be away in Spore till 15th January 2011. Our youth activity will start on 16th January. I will keep you informed.

With metta,
Mdm Wong

PS. Leng, can you please forward this email to the other volunteers and the parents who are not in the email list?