Feb 28, 2008







Feb 25, 2008



NO Winners to the Pool,
as none of us predict Raymond to come in 1st among the group.
Results :

Kudos to all of them for crossing the finishing line in style...

Pixs of the race will be posted soon...


Feb 21, 2008


Below are the total number of votes that have been forecasted for the 4 Ironmen and 1 Ironlady to come Top 5 in sequence.

Feb 19, 2008

Gunung Nuang on Feb 17th

Last Sunday, took Beh's group to hike Gunung Nuang as part of their preparaton for Mt KK climb end of Feb 08.

Yee Choy, Yik and his brother took abt 6hrs from the Car Park to the peak and back...

So Shih Ming... Yik's would like you to pace him if I organise Nunag again as part of his training for Mt KK climbathon in Aug.

The 'never ending road' have been resurfaced not by tar lah but all the potholes, have been filled.

Reach the car park at 2.35pm., 6mins later saw Yik's bro and follwed by Yik and 10mins later Yee Choi came... ie before 3pm...

Later we off for late lunch....

Its RM1 entrance fee to enter Gng Nuang.


Feb 18, 2008

Langkawi Ironman 2008

Yes... this saturday... Siok Bee, Eric, Raymond, Heng and Wei Kong will be taking part in the Langkawi Ironman and who will cross the finishing line first among the 5 of them.....

On Saturday during the 'Loh Sang' dinner, Kenny suggested have a pool among the groups other than the participants and guess who will cross the finishing line first and in sequence......

So guys... email to me the list of finisher ya......

Brief write up of the participants -

Ngae is supposed to be part of the group but due to his sponsorship with powerbar and been an elite, he will be invited to makan after the race and of course as a favorite to cross the line 1st among the rest of them. ( based of current perfomance ya). So Ngae is not in list ya....

So the participants are Wei Kong, Eric, Raymond, Heng and Siok Bee

Wei Kong - 2nd time taking part in the Langkawi Ironmen, so experience on his parts but fitness yet to be tested.... Been training secretly.. his strength - swim and bike.....

Eric - 1st time - 'dark horse' a never say die attitude, I won;t be surprised if he comes below 13hrs.. have improve tremendously especially in Swimming ...... his strength - Bike and running. If he's relax during the race... difficult to catch him. (He will miss Vivian, but not to worry, with latest technology, the event will be 'aired' live by Vin)

Heng - 1st time - a cool guy.. takes easy .. follow the 'hare and tortoise' principal slow and steady have improve. Strength - Swim and bike ( With Vin giving support hmm he might have the extra ummmppp... ...)

Dr Raymond - 1st time, well balance in all the disclipine, once he focus, susah to stop him lah...... A quite and soft spoken guy, strength on his bike and running.Doctor ma... kalo sakit... inject sikit than boilh jalan....

Siok Bee - 1st time - known as 'Iron Lady'...... have been regime in her training and known for her late burst ... strength - Bike and running.....have improved on her swim......

So... guys.. there you are s write up on the participants

email me... latest by Friday midnite..........

Results will be know on Monday............

To Ngae, Eric, Wei Kong, Raymond and Siok Bee.... all the best for this Saturday ya......
Just do your own pace.... and listen to your body ya......and I sure all of you will cross the finishing line in style..........

To finish in 16hrs 59mins 59secs... easy mah.... Swim 2hrs 30mins, Bike 6hrs 30mins and run 8hrs 59mins, 59secs......


Feb 17, 2008

2008 Loh Sang Dinner

As usual la we have our LOH SANG gathering every Chinese new year to celebrate another good year coming. This time the organizer is our Food minister Ms Ong Siok Bee (Coming Iron lady). She chose the Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant at Jalan Pudu on 16th Feb 08.

Let see the photos...

Don't forget your vote...

Feb 12, 2008

Jelawang Waterfall - Kelantan

On March 19 - 22, I organising a trip to hike up Jelawang Waterfall in Kelantan and then to scale Gng Beirut....

It will be 3 days 2 nites camping at jelawang waterfall. Those who are keen, you can contact me ya..

Tony Q

Langkawi Ironman Feb 23

Its a week more to the Langkawi Ironmen on Feb 23rd...

Looks like Ngae, Eric, Siok Bee, Raymond, Heng and Wei Kong are all geared up for the ultimate race.

All the best to you guys, so it a week more to go.. taper down ya.. and get pysche up for the race..


Feb 4, 2008

Mt Murud end of April 08


How about climbing the highest mountain in Sarawak end of april '08

To the people in Sarawak its called the Prayer Mountain,.

It will be 5 days 4 nites and will be staying in a camp and those keen have to bring sleeping bag.

I need 12 climbers only, and the ground cost is abt Rm600 exclude Air fare.

The flight is from KL to KK, then land transport from KK to Lawas, then 4 wheel drive to the base camp but will have a homestay before proceed to Mt Murud. It will 2 nites stay at Mt Murud. Food and accomodation have been arranged but the challenging part is to walk abt 7 - 10 hrs to reach the mountain depend one fitness.

It not like Mt KK ya.. , i have yet to climb but based on feedbacks i rec'd it challenging.

Let me know ... as after CNY i need to finalise..

btw my target for 2008 is to climb at least 2 -3 G7 mountains in Malaysia.

Tony Q

KL International Towerthon 2008

Yes... Yeoh have uploaded the pixs on the towerthon challenge yesterday feb 3.

Congrats to Shih Ming and Maryann came in 6th and 8th in the women veteran and with a commendable time of 20mins...

Total 1,600 participants took part in the race and its started in stages with the men open and follwed by the rest of the categories. It was a wet morning and a long long wait for Shih Ming and Maryann in getting thier winning purse.

Its due to protest by some runners and it was held back for a while..

This is the 1st time timimg chip been used and interesting to note that once you step on the mat your time will be taken and if the time is earlier than the starting gun sound you will be technically disqualified from the race. Therefore, in any races that use timing chip do not step on the mat before the race starts.

As for me, i took my time to climb up the 2.058 step.. and completed in 25mins well below my pb ie 17mins, anyway this time round the goodies bag is much better and the finisher medal.

So guys if u want the 2 ladies to belanja... hmm ask them ya... anyway both of them did well and hope more races they can win also heheh ... Next race is the KLIM '08..


KL Towerthon Pictures

Feb 2, 2008

Sungai Chilling Waterfall

Pictures taken on 23rd Jan 2008 at Sg. Chilling.

Chinese Gong Fu

Feb 1, 2008

Great Eastern 20/30km



Siok Leng


Yeoh (MTOD)

Wei Kong

Pixs on the GE20/30km run......... this week end will be climbing 2,058 steps of Menara KL...