Sep 11, 2013

TMBT 2013

This weekend is TMBT 2013, i will be going and doing 100km .. anyway i will just walk and see how far i can go.

Been coaching the runners for the event and hope most of them will complete.

total 70 from pacm club will be taking part. This is my 4th year in this event.

Just hope weather will be good and a week later will lead SP group to Mt Kinabalu and it will be my 29th time.

Sep 3, 2013


It been a busy week for me due to work and also TMBT preparation which is next week.

This sat i will be at Saga / Apek taking the SP Setia 2nd group for training.

As i write now, Leng is at Mt Kinabalu leading the 1st group. I will be taking the 2nd group end of this month.

This training for SCKLM can come and join PACM B2B run at MARDI, it 30km LSD.

The group preparing TMBT have all geared up for the big event.

More news update soon..


Tony Q