Jan 23, 2012


Having technical problem with my PC ans unable to log in to google  that y delay in updating the blog..

Had Sow Kong Hike... at Gasing Hills on Sat and Sunday Hoi Kong Run..

This morning... did Hoii Kong Run at Bukit Aman... met John, Wai Mun, Gary, ChanWK, Terrence, Pui San, Chooi Wan, Yen Erl, and few others ... did 12.88km whilst i did 8.88km...

Tomorrow will be off to Fraser's Hills for 2 days.. with family...

So this Sat.. will be at Saga Hills... for hoi kun hike and as part of Mt KK training...

details will post later...




HI All

GONG XI FA CAI to all of you and loves ones...


Keep HEALTHY... more hiking and runs .....

Safe journey and see you guys .... in runs or hikings...

Jan 11, 2012

Kuantan Century Ride

Come Mar 25th,,Nik R, Soo, Gim, Yee Tze, Fook, Agnes, Jo, David, Peter and me will be doing the Kuantan Century Ride - 160km..

Wah le... the most i do is only 100km look like have to start to go longer distance,... and buttock will get 'sore' le.....

Called Crystal form Kuantan PACM, and she manage to get a 4 rooms house for rent... very very cheap so the 10 of us will be bunked in the hse....

If u guys keen to join .. just google kuantancenturyride...


Hi All,

If you go hiking.. just leave your footprints and take photograph... as what you bring in, please take it out also in the forest

Just think about the below list before you are throwing something to the soil.

> Paper Towel - 2-4 weeks
> Banana Peel - 3-4 weeks
> Paper Bag - 1 month
> Newspaper - 1.5 months
> Apple Core - 2 months
> Cardboard - 2 months
> Cotton Glove - 3 months
> Orange peels - 6 months
> Plywood - 1-3 years
> Wool Sock - 1-5 years
> Milk Cartons - 5 years
> Cigarette Butts - 10-12 years
> Leather shoes - 25-40 years
> Tinned Steel Can - 50 years
> Foamed Plastic Cups - 50 years
> Rubber-Boot Sole - 50-80 years
> Plastic containers - 50-80 years
> Aluminum Can - 200-500 years
> Plastic Bottles - 450 years
> Disposable Diapers - 550 years
> Monofilament Fishing Line - 600 years
> Plastic Bags - 200-1000 years
> Glass - 1-2 million years
> Kindly share this piece of information in your family and friends as this will create awareness amongst people .

Keep the EARTH clean..

Jan 10, 2012

TMBT - Sabah

The Most Beautiful Things (TMBT) Sabah is on Sept 15.. registration is open for early bird.

I will be doing 50km ... today rec'd message from FB adelene asking me whether i taking part so answer is yes..

Raymond, Mich, Soo will be joining and todate 5 have signed up for 100km and 10 for 50km..

                                              This year TMBT

Ironman Allan from FRIM got abt 30 pax joining this event...

Going to an exciting race .... so preparation will start after CNY .....together with those training for Mt KK

Those who keen can email me as i arranging transfer and accommodation...

Hope my knee will be OK ..... hehhe

                                          Adelene (left) will be competing this yr...

Sow Kong Hike

This sat. Jan 14th will be 'sow kong' hike to Saga waterfall.. will be meeting the BUTT gang at the waterfall 9am.

I will start from Saga Hills car park at 7.30am..

This is part of training for the April and May Mt KK climbers and on Feb 4, will be going to Fraser Pines trail hills. it a day trip.

On Sunday will be marshalling the Mizuno 10km run at UPM organise by PACM. as last sunday was the lead rider for the MPI run.

Hmmm, the 1st marathoner ie. Leslie, Kar Mun, Agnes and Steven will be going for the GC marathon 1st week of July. Look like they have got the 42.195km bug...

as for me will be training for the 50km TMBT and this year have to plan my activities.

till then


Jan 4, 2012

Jan 14 - Saga Waterfall

On Jan 14, 2012. will be at Saga Hills waterfall and to celebrate Kelly's b'day.

Kelly and the BU gang are regular hikers there via Apek to the waterfall and hike to Saga hills then back to Apek.

They are preparing for Mt Ranjani - Bali and Kilimanjaro - Africa this year.

M also planning for them the via feratta in end of july ....and also Gng Mulu or Murud in Sarawak..

So if you keen to join.. meet me at the Saga Hill carpark 7.15am...

Gng Murud (Prayer Mountain) in Sarawah which is the highest mountain has be resheduled quite number of time so this year hope can make it. Andrew the guide who been with me for my pinnacles climb will be the tour guide as that is his kampong..... will finalising the cost with him.. m targetting only 24 pax.

Btw March 23rd will be doing the 100 miles ride  (cycling)  in Kuantan...has already registered for this event....

Marathoner Quotes

" If you feel bad at 10 miles, you're in trouble. if you feel bad at 20 miles, you're normal. If you don't feel bad at 26 miles, you're abnormal." - Rob de Castella, 1983 World Marathon Championships winner.

To those who take part in 42.195km are we normal or abnormal....

50km TMBT Sabah... Agnes, Leslie, Kar Mun, ChongYF, Steven confirmed .. for 100km Ah Weng, his wife, Jason, Yee Choi..confirmed.. will check with Allan on his end.....how many will be joining this sept. race...

Jan 2012

What a year to start... drop my camera while on my bike........... have to get a new one..

anyway.. Gng Murud, the highest mountain in Sarawak.. tentative 3rd or 4th week of August as waiting the final cost of the 4WD.

This is the Prayer Mountain for the local folks at Ba'akalan....

Will keep posted and also Gng Mulu...

This week will be one of the volunteers for the Multi Purpose Run at Padang Merbok....


Jan 1, 2012

Feb 4 - Pines Tree Hills - Day Trip

Hi All..

In view of  my Mt KK Charity Climb this coming April and May 2012.. will be organising a day hike to Fraser's Hills - Pines Tree Hills trail.

Total return time is 8 hrs... therefore those keen to join me need to be at Fraser's hills town by 9am

Please email me at klpenguin3@gmail.com if you keen to join the trip. This trip will be laying ropes at Twin Peak 1 and 2.

Details on the climb will be posted soon.




So 2012 what my plan......

Mt KK in April and May....

Tentative :

Mt KK Via Feratta - End July
Gng Mulu - End Aug
TMBT - 50 or 100 km UltraTrial Marathon - Sept 15th
FanShiPan - End Oct..

Yesterday was at Saga Hills met the BU team and will be there on Jan 14th to celebrate 2 of the BU's hikers birthday...

Was surprised to met Leonard, Har and Tai at level 5 of Aprk hill.

Will updates more .in my blog...

Todafe  : my right knee - nned to be taped up when i do hiking but will be at snail pace.....

Stay Healthy every one as Jan 8 and 15th will be at the MPI and Mizuno Run as road marshals...