Mar 26, 2009

Gng ANsi April 11 & Orange Run April 12

Registration for Orange Run on April 12, can be registered at selected BHP Station at PJ,
namely SS2, TTDI, Curve. Its open from 10am - 5pm this sat and sunday.

The SC KLM training will commence soon and those keen to join me for Gng Ansi it will be
on April 11 .

Meet at Senanwang Toll 7.30am

Will leave at 7,45am sharp to Ulu Bendul

The hike will take abt 7hrs return those keen email me at

On the SAR at Gng Yong Yap last week, no traces of Ayat and chances of his survival is slim, the dense forest and number of rivers to cross, and trails can lead to different gunung.

SHd the SAR team unable to locate him by this week, Mhd Nur and me tentaively plan to hike Gng Yong Yap or Tok Nenek in May. This will not be SAR but recreational sambil cari.


Mar 19, 2009

SAR Gunung Yong Yap

First there were 7 keen to join the search... at the end will be 2 .. ie Md Nur and me.

Will be leaving on Sat morning to Pos Brooke, Cameron H'lands and probably meet some hikers
for the SAR at Gng Yong Yap

Tho' it been more than a mth since my fren been missing , hopefully this weekend can find some leads tho's chances it slim but miracles do happen.

Thanks to those who have contributed the rations as we will be there for 3 days.


Orange Run April 12 at the curve

Registration can be done at BHP station SS2, Curve, Tmn Tun, Damansara on Mar 28 & 29, April 5 & 6. Bibs will be given once u registered and it free

This year 11km run , all entries are to be registered with BHP not SAAA, PACM is the technical support.


SC KL Marathon June 28, 2009

Rec'd call from Heng, and he informed that he signed up SCKLM 42 km... wow.. Heng did that and he said that I was signed up for 21km as someone told him..

Hey Hey bro Heng... don't play play .. me signed for 42km oso lah... signed when the launching together gether with Siok B, Michelle & Kelvin Boy..

Siok b was surprised when told her that i signed up for 42km as i want to focus on 10km.. aiyaa since SC it organising .. let do it lah...

So guys... will organise 30km run ... but have to look at the route...

in meantime start training....


Mar 18, 2009

Volunteers for Orange Run & NB15km

PCAM is looking for volunteers for the above run.

Ray Ng, have given your name as volunteer for the NB15km.

If u keen to be volunteer, pls. contact Pek Moi...


SAR - Ayat

On Monday evening, an accident occurred at Gua Tempurung, where a lady volunteer for SAR for my fren (lost at Gng Yong Yap) passed away. The other 3 passengers were warded to Tapah Hospital.

Todate still no news on whereabout of Ayat.

This sat will be leaving to Pos Brooke - Cameron H'lands with 2 of my colleagues and will track up to the peak of Gng Yong Yap, if weather is ok. else will be just at Camp Agas.

Yesterday called a guide to find transport and the price he quoted was RM1.300 from Simpang Pulai to Pos Brooke. anyway decided not to take the offer and manage to find ways of getting there and much much cheaper with contacts from hikers...

Its been more than a month since his missing, and chances it very slim.


Mar 15, 2009

Gng Yong Yap

This weekend will be off ot Gng Yong Yap for 4 days..

Its been a month Ayat (a colleague of mine) have been missing since Feb 15.
Todate no traces of him and each week since the day he was missing , grps volunteer to SAR.

Mhd Nur, Amran, Ismail, and Lai Kuan will be joining me and hope we can find some leads.
Tho it been month, and the police have called off , but we still want to go .

Will finalise the details this week, have got a guide to take us there.. the route we are using will be from Pos Brooke Cameron H'lands..

Gng Nuang yesterday

Ray Ng, Kelvin, Mich and Tang join me to Gng Nuang together with some hikers.

Started at 7.15am...

6.30am Kelvin Boy called.. U mana coach.. at kopi shop kah.... 'cos it was raining heavily at Bt 14...

told him i at bt 18.. no rain....

Kelly grp, Chong, Lai Kuan & Agnes trun back 'cos of raining at Bt 6.30am

Met the grp 7am at the car park.. had a short brief on Gng Nuang, the do & don'ts ..

Mich, Tang and me went up to Kem Pacat while Kelvin Boy & Ray Ng to the peak..

Its part of Mt Kk training so next Gng is Ansi on April 11, 2009, details soon..

btw met Siti.. cute & petite gal... very laju lah..join the grp.. have to spoken to her abt trail blazer.. hmm look like we have a contender here...


Mar 11, 2009

TMnet & Tabur

View frrom East Ridge

View of West Ridge & Dam


Development at Tmn Melawati...

Father & Son (Eric & JR)

TMnet was slow for the last 2 weeks and unable to update the activities....

This Sat. Gng Nuang hike, if u keen meet at the car park 7am , Gng Nuang entrance.
Todate abt 25ppl have confirmed and willt akr abt 10 -11 hrs return trip, as for me will be up to pacat and relax .. will bring portable gas stove and cook for lunch.

This is part of the Mt KK trianing end of April '09.

Last Monday, Gerard, Debbie, Jex and me hike up bkt tabur whilst Michelle, Siok Leng, Lee and Yap were at Ulu Langat.
Had brunch at Eric's place, Vin brought tong suey, Tomatoman & Kelvin came for the makan so does Heng...
Hmmm Shih Ming & San.. ffk.......hehehehheheh

Lost at Gunung Yong Yap

Its been 21days my fren Mohd Hassan Ayat been missing at Gunung Yong Yap.

Police have called off SAR and waiting for new leads and groups that keen to search for him will be at their own risk.

Ayat as he use to be called joined me most of the hiking trips. We are supposed to plan to hike Gng Stong Ayam end of March '09. Instead I am now in the midst of getting group of frens to go
to Gng Yong Yap in a week time shd there's still now news by end of this week.

There's number of grp doing SAR the last 3 weeks and yet no sign.

This weekend another group will be heading there and at the moment with no leads it will be difficult to locate him and not knowing whether he felled off into the ravine or just 'disappeared'

Not knowing whether he's alive , only the Almighty GOD knows.


Mar 2, 2009

Mt KK via Ferata

Mt KK via Ferata Apr 29 - May 2, 2009.

So guys have to start to train for it . Details will be posted soon on the hiking trip.

Btw April 14, 2009. Gng Nuang challenge. Meet at the car park 6.45am. if you are keen to join

Will start at 7am sharp 'cos its takes 10 - 11hrs ...


IM 09 & KL Towerthon

Kudos to Dr Rum, Ray Ng, Siok Bee, Keat Seong, Lee, Michelle, Ngae, Jason, Hugo, Bernard, Steven, Halim Ben, for completing the IM 09 Langkawi.

You guys have done well, with all the long hours of training its finally paid off. Have a good rest this week and will meet up for post ironman celebration.

Yesterday at KL Towethon , 2000 participants and Shih Ming got 6th and San 5th in their respective categories.

A s for me, completed 29mins 15secs, carrying backpack all the way to the top. Its part on the Via Ferata training.