May 31, 2015

Training for Mt Kinabalu June 28 - July 1, 2015

This coming saturday June 6, will be at Gasing Hills and will check out the new concrete bridge as this is part of training for the June Mt K grp and also Mulu Adventure grp end of July

Venue : Gasing Hills Playground

Time : 7am

Date : June 6,  2015

On Sunday will be at Saga Hills entramce

Venue : Saga Hills entrance - Pondok

Time : 6:45am

Date : June 7, 2015

In order to get ready the group have to prepared themselves physically and mentally.

9 paxs will be doing Via Ferata and the rest will do the normal hike

Lok from PACM will be leading the group for the VF

More news soon

May 28, 2015

June 28 - July 1, 2015 - Mt Kinabalu

Come June 28, I will be going to Mt Kinabalu with 29 paxs

Resting and Recovering this week and training for the hike will resume next week

It been a busy week for me at office , and by the time i reach home late nite...

straight to bed ....

anyway next Saturday June 6th - Gasing Hills and June 7 Sunday will be at Saga - Apek - Saga

this training is for the Mt Kinabalu June grp and also those joining me for the Mulu Pinnacles.

Will up date the activities .

Hikers charity contributions to Don Bosco Children's Homes

Hi All

Please click the link to see the write in The Rakyat Post by Kee Soon who joined for the May 21st hike to Mt Kinabalu.

Many thanks to him for highlight the stories

click the link and will access to The Rakyat News Portal      Don Bosco Children''s Home

May 26, 2015

Mt Kinabalu May 21 - 2, 2015

Last weekend was at Mt Kinabalu with 33 paxs and some of them are the barefeet group runners

Kah Wai, hike up to the peak barefooted and carrying along slippers with him as certain areas of the slope the rocks are sharp and edged.

From Masilau, Kah Wai, Jason, Mike  started to hike from Masilau to Laban Rata barefooted, wah liao...

This trip , my brother and cousin sister joined and glad that they reach low's peak.

Weather on the day hike to the summit was kind to us and the group really enjoy the hike.

May 19, 2015

Mt KInabalu 2015 - 2nd trip

My lap top was infested by red ants and was in the workshop for 3 weeks , fortunately the data managed to backup but the mother board circuits some have have been malfunction.

Anyway, I will be going back to my 'kampung' this Thursday leading 34 paxs to hike Mt Kinabalu.

This trip to Mt Kinabalu, will have few friends who will be going up barefooted.

As last year Siaw Hua, she did it and so her fellow barefeet runners will follow her feat.

As for me been busy with my work and also for this preparation.

Photos of the May 1st hike to Mt KInabalu